Sunday, September 18, 2016

Taiwan, One of Asia's Must-See Destinations!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed due to the heavy pressure of work and life?
Feel like you need a fresh start? 
To have a trip is certainly a good way to relax and refresh your life.
Where to go?  Taiwan!  You will love it!

By the Waterfront
To take a sun bathing in Kending, Asia’s version of Hawaii. 
The air is so pure and clean. 
People can walk on the limitless golden beach to breathe the fresh air,
look up the blue sky or go diving or surfing to release totally your pressure.  

Along the north-east coastline,
the grand creativities by the Mother Nature will catch deeply your eyes. 
Every piece of rocks stands there to show their timeless individuality. 
You really can’t miss these amazing nature Art.

To the mountain
When trekking in the magnificence of the cliffs at Taroko Gorge and going through the tunnels,
you can explore the authenticity of inner feeling.

Taking a ride on the Alishan Forest Railway to feel the bliss with the breeze.

Or just do nothing,
but relax in a boarding house by the hillside to enjoy the beauty of the nature and peacefulness.

After refreshing our soul and mind, it will be a good idea to make some change to our lifestyle, keep us to maintain in relax mood.

Out With the Old
Go through your drawers, closet, corners, and even your junk drawer.
One space at a time, empty everything out
and then place everything back in an organized way,
you will immediately feel lighter.

In With the New
You don’t have to buy all new furniture, sometimes just recolor all these cabinets,
by replacing with designer handles and hooks
You can make a space feel brand new, create a new energy in your home.

Author: Nancy Lin

Photos resource:

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Hooks as Home Decoration

The hook is a necessary furniture fitting in a home and it provides a lot of flexibility for doing all the things you like.
Especially when living in a small house; the most important thing is how to maximum space. Hooks might be the easiest way to turn your house into a grab-and-go home for whatever you need, whenever you need or any size space.
We will show that various using ways for wall hook. Enjoy in the collection and maybe you will inspire how to do that in your home.

Artwork Display

We all have treasure things, no matter what thing is, we can show it off in our wall and create the atmosphere for pioneers in the art of living.

Jewelry Organizer

If you want to keep your accessories in one easy-to-find place, then trying hanging them on your walls – practical, pleasing, and out of harm’s way.

Tablet Holder

In nowadays, tablet is not only just a digital product, but also become daily necessities for people. With hooks, you can create the tablet station in any place at home.

       Height Tailor

       All members of the family are not the same height, especially
       children. By adjusting different height with hooks, we can make
       kids easily reach to put away their own items and make them
       more independent.

       Clothes & Hats Decorative Touch
Sometimes we can hang up favorite outfits and turn them into a fashion art. Or for clothes that aren’t ready for washing, try hanging them up to air and make them refreshed for another day.

Author: Candy Huang

Source of photos:
Jewelry organizer
Tablet holder
(picture from
Artwork display
(picture from

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Reddot Winner 2016-EXTENDO Hooks presented by Gandan Design

Reddot Winner 2016-EXTENDO Hooks presented by Gandan Design

Embrace the Reddot Award in your lifestyle.
Enhance the living atmosphere by singular design.
All these are tangible because of EXTENDO.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

EXTENDO-reddot award 2016 winner

Being awarded the “Red Dot” is the recognition of the world-class design hall of fame for all talented designers and companies. 

Only the best design products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award.

EXTENDO hooks created by Gandan chief designer, wins Red Dot Award 2016, presenting simple lines and smooth shape which are not only the decoration, but can be freely defined in all environments for flexible use and reassembling. 

Can’t wait experiencing EXTENDO singular appearance?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

VITAL-Organic Series of Designer Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Gandan latest released Organic Series of Designer Cabinet Pulls-VITAL

Feel Gandan new member VITAL of ORGANIC series.

Terra endows the birth of new life.
Fertile soil arousals seeds,
sprouting energetic and lively organism.
Natural appearance revivals the silent heart.
As water to fishes,
As earth to plants,
As air to all lives,
Vital is the one,
simple and easy to get along with your living style.
Feel Gandan new member VITAL of ORGANIC series.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Get ready for a BLISS & PEACEFUL 2016. Gandan is always around you~

2015 is a year full of violance, war and crucial stories.

As a part of the earth, Gandan will continuously offer you the bliss, simplicity and purism in 2016.

We treasure the experiences and moments that we shared together.

2016, as a new start of fresh 366 days, we are ready to paint each day colorful with you.

Let’s light up sparkled coming future!

Get ready for a BLISS & PEACEFUL 2016. 

Gandan is always around you~

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

EXTENDO, created by a spirit of line and curve of designer wardrobe hooks

EXTENDO, created by a spirit of line, curve, and consists the change of a basic form extending over the entire range of product collection.  

45 degrees bended angle enlarges the use of space and the contact area, to full-fill functional demands and provide a consistent visual aesthetics and spatial mobility. 

It can be freely defined in all environments and in accordance with demand for flexible use and reassembling.  Simple lines and smooth shape are not just the decoration, but contributing the depth shades and penetrating of light on null space.  

All aspects are opened towards the outside world, and the shape extends to unlimited space.  

Experience the unique elegance with its singular appearance.